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The latest version numbers will no longer be shown here, to simplify the web-site. There is now a new section on the forum. Bob Read is providing the main information and updating this new section. He'll also be maintaining an updated Club stick (updated around once per month) from which you can copy some or all on these programs (and other information that we supply) onto your free members sticks.

This section covers the main free software that we think everyone should have on their system. It doesn't include programs supplied as part of Windows (which now include Skype).

Please note the the phrase "programs supplied as part of Windows" does NOT include software supplied by system manufacturers, often as "free trials" - nor extra Microsoft software such as MS Office, which is NOT part of Windows.

It no longer includes Anti-Virus/Malware software or Cleaning software, which has been moved into the Acc Safe and Clean section. But we have there added some descriptions on what the software does and links for obtaining it.

There is also a new page for useful, but more specialised software which should interest the more skilled, and we have renamed the pages for a tad more clarity.

The above (plus other useful programs and documents) may be found on club memory sticks - please ask, they are updated around once per month to the then current versions.

If you want to download them yourselves, we recommend you get them from to avoid unwanted "extras".

This list may be modified from time to time.
Adobe Reader DC
Adobe Flash - Please read the warning in the Main Notes section 

Java - 7
Java - 8 - Please read the newsflash on the General News page 
Easus Todo Backup

Libre Office
VLC Media Player
Anyburn 32 and 64 bit versions

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