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This is where we'll put new software which looks interesting, but has not yet been fully or long term tested. It's very likely some of these will be transferred to our list of software you really ought to consider using, in the full ness of time.

Please try them out and let us know what you think of them. Where possible get them from the main suppliers site or MajorGeeks.
In My Diary
A really nice looking diary along the lines of a "proper" paper diary. Multi platform and portable, so you can carry it with you on a memory stick
This is an excellent, portable (on a memory stick), way of keeping all your passwords securely encrypted and with you at all times. You only have to remember one master password to get at your list, and it can do simple copies of user names and passwords into a document. Really excellent.
MP3Doctor Lite
A very easy-to-use program to convert MP3 files to standard music CDs - the kind that play in a domestic/car player.
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A free multi standard video converter - claims to convert almost anything to anything ! This is a new graphic user interface to a long established and well thought of converter. Runs in Windows and Linux.
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Privacy Badger
A better privacy product to prevent websites following you and recording what you do. From a very respected independent organisation. There is an add-on to major browsers. Please read what it aims to do.
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Should I Remove It
A new website with a user supported guide to unwanted and unneeded software, which often comes pre-installed on new systems, - plus an (as yet untested) program to help with uninstalling.
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A cross platform way of saving web pages to look at them later, on the same or another of your devices (PC, Android, iPhone iPad),
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